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Going To College With A Disability

College Planning And Disabilities A disability need not stop any student from pursuing higher education.  In fact, students who go to college with a disability can be very successful, and often see graduation when many of their non-disabled peers do not.  Those with physical disabilities can show a college their limitations and needs in very […]

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Parents Often Left At A Distance For College

Besides the normal social, independence, and geographic reasons that parents find increasing the distance from their students when they head off to college, there’s another barrier that will keep them wanting for information:  Federal law.  Parents are often surprised that they are unable to find out anything about their child from the college due to […]

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About This Blog- 2010 Update

College Strategy Blog was created as a place for me to discuss issues pertaining to college, as well as to provide real-life information and “lessons learned” from my work with students and families.  This work includes both students who are planning for college and those in college already, and I have worked with students who […]

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