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Should I Attend A Junior College?

Should I Attend A Junior College? A “junior college” is generally thought of as the college level that falls below traditional four-year institutions that confer bachelor’s degrees.  While this is true, there can be a broad interpretations of what these “junior college” can mean.  Some consider community colleges to be junior colleges, which isn’t necessarily […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Private Colleges

When students and families are browse rankings for a “top college,” many private colleges appear on such lists.  The most notable schools in the U.S. are often private, non-profit colleges, such as Harvard and Yale.  While private colleges have a reputation for quality of education, this is often offset by higher costs and greater competition […]

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3 Fixes For Test Anxiety

Many students experience test anxiety at some point or another.  It’s that feeling of dread, mild fear, vaguely racing thoughts, nervousness, then your mind going blank that hits you once you sit down to take a test.  Sometimes text anxiety can get so bad that it can cause a student to do poorly on an […]

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5 Things To Know About A College Essay

There is a lot of information out there, and sometimes hype, about college essays.  I’ve worked with a lot of colleges, spoke with their admissions departments, and even read many opinions that the Deans of Admission from competitive colleges have to say about college applications and essays (or “personal statements”).  Here are a few key […]

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For Professionals: College Disabilities, Transitions, and Other Issues

I’m always surprised to discover who’s visiting my site, and I review the “analytics” really to help me decide on article topics based on what visitors are looking for.  I’ve had blog visits from professionals at various colleges, universities, and state departments of education.  It appears that they’re looking for professional information, such as college […]

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Audio Page Added

I’ve added an audio page to my main website so that readers have the option to listen to me talk about specific topics.  This particular gallery-style page had two options:  You can listen via an in-page audio player without having to download.  Or, you can download the MP3 to your computer, iPod, or even burn […]

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Fall 2010 Update

It’s been a busy summer, with a lot of great meetings and progress.  Unfortunately, writing blog posts hasn’t been part of that, and I’m hoping to post more once school is fully underway.  I’m also planning to add an audio page to my website, and to finish some needed updates of the pages. A few […]

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