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Can I Get In To My Dream College?

It almost never fails. When I speak with a group of high school students and their parents, there is at least one person who wants “professional advice” about how to get in to a specific college. Somewhere along the way they have adopted the belief that there is some kind of formula for getting in […]

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Spring 2016 Update

Things have been very busy in my work, not just with students, but with other things as well. I finished drafting my second book, which is a cross section of “true stories” that covers students I’ve heard from work or worked with at two-year and four-year colleges (even some from international student stories). I plan […]

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Turning A College Failure In To A Success

It is completely possible for a student to turn their initial college problems or even class failures in to a successful college career. I’ve seen it happen many times: The student does poorly or is even academically dismissed, but then things change and they resume their their pathway, this time with positive results that see […]

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Warning Signs For College Problems

Students can encounter problems at various points in their college careers, often for many reasons. But, there is usually a clear progression of events or a pathway that these issues can lead to in terms of academic status and whether or not the student can stay at their college. For many students and parents, these […]

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Responding To Freshman College Failure

The summer following freshman year is one where many parents are trying to unravel exactly why their bright and promising student, who may have even done exceptionally well in high school, couldn’t replicate their strong performance during college. In so many cases it’s attributed to “first year adjustment,” or other factors and there are many […]

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