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3 Fixes For Test Anxiety

Many students experience test anxiety at some point or another.  It’s that feeling of dread, mild fear, vaguely racing thoughts, nervousness, then your mind going blank that hits you once you sit down to take a test.  Sometimes text anxiety can get so bad that it can cause a student to do poorly on an […]

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Does College Require “Financial Risk Management?” Yes, It Does.

The word “risk” in financial terms generally refers to the odds of incurring monetary losses from a given endeavor.  Businesses think of risk in terms of losses due to theft or liability, and investors research their decisions to ensure that their assets appreciate, rather than reduce in value.  Research, planning, and using preventive measures are […]

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How To Think & Problem Solve Like An Expert

Can you think like an expert?  Of course, and you most likely do this already in some ways.  In the 1970’s when computers were being developed (and actually before the internet), some studies looked at human memory and problem solving approaches.  The most coveted information was on how “experts” in various fields approached problems and […]

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Differences Between “A” and “D-F” High School Students

In it’s annual survey, The American Teacher, Met Life looked at student life in 2002. It surveyed 2,300 high school students in grades 7-12 nationwide. It identified a number of hallmark differences between students who earn “A’s” and students who earn “D’s” and “F’s,” plus what students in general reported on some topics. When compared […]

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The Primary Reason For The SAT

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is the most widely used college aptitude test used in the United States. As it’s name implies, it is an aptitude test, in that it measures academic ability. The SAT is not an intelligence test that measures what a person can do overall. It serves one purpose: To predict freshman […]

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