Learning Section

I’ve completed a self-help section for my website called Learning At College Strategy Blog that holds information mean to address common college issues.

Learning At College Strategy Blog is a simple, member-access site with no recurring fees. It is intended for use by students, parents, professionals, and colleges. Below is the initial content that I’ve posted , but I will be adding much more. I went the extra mile in some ways by turning the information in to quizzes with explanations for correct answers that can be downloaded and kept by users.

Each article or piece is listed on the Contents page, and each has a free Content Description that goes with it where I explain it in more detail. I hope you enjoy the new learning section, and please let me know if you have any problems with it.

Learning At College Strategy Blog contains:

Student Self-Assessment For Academic Underperformance®

  • 115 question expanded Student Self-Assessment to quickly identify known problems that can lead students to work below their potential during college. Takes 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • Designed based on multiple domains, such as academic skills, motivation, student characteristics, and real-life issues students have faced that lead them to Academic Underperformance® during college.
  • Now includes scales, subscales, and special scales to help identify student problems more precisely.
  • Meant to help uncover why students are working below their potential during college and targets areas of improvement before their grades fall too far.
  • Accessible within the U.S. and many countries in Europe, Asia, and other locations.

Current cost is $35 USD.

Also Includes: Downloadable PDF with answer explanations after instant scoring.

Learning Section One, which contains advanced content:  Now Free To Try Site!

  • College Problems: Taking The First Steps Toward Change (55 minute audio mini-course).
  • Correcting Bad Grades In College (14 page article).
  • Low GPA Transfer Strategies (12 page article).
  • 15 Rules For Improving Grades In College (18 page article).
  • 9 Procrastination Traps For College (This 11 page article).

I hope you enjoy the site and the content that I’ve worked to complete over the last few years.