Possible Signs And Risk Factors For Future College Failure

For many of the students that I’ve worked with who had problems or failed in college, there were many signs or “risk factors” that were present prior to college. Risk factors for college failure can be either characteristics of the student or key actions that were not taken when they considered college. In most cases, … Read more

Interview With Joan House, Disability Director At Carlow University In Pittsburgh

Among the many colleges and colleagues that I’ve worked with, there are some that I feel that students and families should know more about.  With more and more students going to college with a disability, there are many questions that students have.  To help answer some of these, I’ve invited Joan House, Director of Disability … Read more

Should I Attend A Junior College?

Should I Attend A Junior College? A “junior college” is generally thought of as the college level that falls below traditional four-year institutions that confer bachelor’s degrees.  While this is true, there can be a broad interpretations of what these “junior college” can mean.  Some consider community colleges to be junior colleges, which isn’t necessarily … Read more