Responding To Freshman College Failure

The summer following freshman year is one where many parents are trying to unravel exactly why their bright and promising student, who may have even done exceptionally well in high school, couldn’t replicate their strong performance during college. In so many cases it’s attributed to “first year adjustment,” or other factors and there are many …

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5 Common Surprises For College Freshmen

The freshman year for any college student is one of adjustment. Getting used to the college system, learning how to live with your roommates, understanding what each professor expects, and just figuring out what offices like the “bursar” do are all expected challenges for freshmen. But, as a first-year college student, what are some of …

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Student Stress And College Failure

The issue of stress can be significant for college students, and as I write this, we are at midterm for the undergraduate and graduate students that I work with. This is one of high stress times for them, and in some ways midterms can be more stressful than finals week. If there are pre-existing problems …

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Two Types Of College Applications

Completing College Applications Many students find applying to college to be an intimidating subject, but it doesn’t have to be. Actually applying- the act of filling out the applications- can be a relatively easy thing, provided that you’ve done the required steps beforehand. Students should first identify what colleges that they want to apply to, …

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New Home For Studentstrategy101.com And Blog

This is the new home for studentstrategy101.com and now the Student Strategy Blog.  This location will bring a greater level of capability, speed, and reliability for readers.  I want to thank all of my readers, and look forward to bringing a higher-quality experience to you. Jeff

Should I Attend A Junior College?

Should I Attend A Junior College? A “junior college” is generally thought of as the college level that falls below traditional four-year institutions that confer bachelor’s degrees.  While this is true, there can be a broad interpretations of what these “junior college” can mean.  Some consider community colleges to be junior colleges, which isn’t necessarily …

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