Program Update, Late Summer

The last six months have been really busy for my college program, but with many positive developments. The last two terms I’ve had students at private and public colleges across the U.S., including two at Harvard. Other colleges represented were Vermont, Westmont, Antioch, Miami of Ohio, and many others. Congratulations especially to the students who graduated, especially Jack who was in a tough business program, and Caroline who now wants to attend medical school. I’m very proud of them.

I’ve also been working on my third and fourth books, as well as a project that will augment my college work perfectly. I’m especially excited to advance a a pre-college advising program I’ve developed. As a lot of colleges have noticed, many students entering from high school do not immediately have the skills needed to succeed in the college environment. The shift from high school to college can often highlight gaps in a student’s skills, such as not being able to work independently without supervision, poor writing abilities, or the lack of college-level reading skills that will allow them to digest huge amounts of information in a short amount of time. The pre-college advising program will not only cover skills but also making good choices for college. The traditional college planning model has been really a “travel agent” model, where students hear about all of the nice “destinations” but are never confronted with the realities of college. The pre-advising model is rooted in the college system and focused on success, not on just being accepted.

Always keep in mind that this site is the blog for my program, not the program itself, so I may be delayed with writing because of helping students. So feel free to reach out to me any time using the contact form.