Improving Grades In College: A Guide For Parents

Brand new! A 176 page guide written by Jeff that describes specific actions, key insights, and insider information for parents.

Correcting Bad Grades In College: A Guide

A comprehensive overview of many student opportunities to correct bad grades that were earned during the course of a semester.

Guide To Low GPA Transfer Strategies For College

Contains many possibilities for students to transfer to a different school when they have a low GPA.

New For 2017!  True Stories Of College Failure To Success: What Real-Life Students And Parents Say, And How Any Student Can Make A Complete Turn Around In College

My second book that uses a case studies approach to tell in their own words what students and parents experience for college, as well stories of failure to success and how to tackle many college issues.  The preview is free, and it’s only $2.99 for the 156 page e-book.  The Kindle reader is free and can be used on PC, Mac, and mobile devices including iPhone and Android.

Kindle Version:  Improving Academic Underperformance®In College Book

A kindle version of Jeff’s book is now available.  The Kindle reader is free and can be used on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.  This is the electronic version of the same book that is being used by colleges and professionals to help students.

Student Tools


Abiword is a free, lightweight word processor that works across systems.

Libre Office

Libre Office is a full suite of office tools, similar to Microsoft Office. It has a word processor, spreadsheet program, charts, drawing, math, and other functions making it a well rounded tool for students.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and forms program that can be integrated with other google products like Gmail.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the online cloud storage part of Google’s free products, in addition to Drive, Gmail, and others.

GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator is just like it sounds, an online GPA calculator for high school and college students.

Study Blue

Study Blue is an online note- and flashcard-sharing system that has many classes listed from colleges around the U.S.

Professor Ratings

Uloop has student ratings of different college Professors at various schools, and you can search by school name and Professor name to find results.

National Resources

United States Department Of Education

The Department of Education’s website is a good source of information on higher education in the U.S.  It has information on student aid, student loans, and the FAFSA.

Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

This is the website for the FAFSA, the application that parents and students must complete in order to qualify for federal student aid programs.