Spring Update

Things have been very busy in my work, not just with students, but with other things as well.

I finished drafting my second book, which is a cross section of “true stories” that covers students I’ve heard from work or worked with at two-year and four-year colleges (even some from international student stories). I plan on putting this in Amazon’s Kindle format when complete to make it available as soon as it is done.

Also, my student problems assessment is being completely re-designed, and I’ve undertaken a custom software project with a developer in order to add scales, subscales, and other features that will help understand student issues in much more detail. I spent a handful of months designing this software and have some colleges examining it as a problem-identification tool for their own departments. This also means that the learning section of my College Strategy Blog, where it will be housed, will be reorganized to better suit it.

I am also consulting with two colleges about improving their student retention programs. I’ve met with several Deans, probation committees, and Registrars regarding their suspension programs and more. I am looking forward to assisting them as they try to help their students, and in the process I’ve talked with dozens of students themselves.

Finally, I am testing out new tools for this website. I’m exploring adding a “questions” or similar page where readers can post brief questions that I can answer that can be shared by others. I’m also considering an FAQ of common college topics and other features as well. I’ve also had some students ask me to explore the ideal of a Kickstarter campaign to fund a third party website/service that can help students who do not feel comfortable approaching their school.

Please enjoy the current articles, I will be adding more as my schedule permits. As always, feel free to use the Contact form at the top of the page to write to me. Even if my article writing falls behind because of my work, I am always happy to respond to emails or calls.