I’ve been contacted by many different types of readers over the years, and even from different countries. The issue of college has never been more important. What I discovered was that there are many students who do not have the benefit of an adult to guide them on even the basics for college, or that an adult decided that they now wanted to pursue a college career. Not everyone has been informed about the fundamentals of going to college, and I try to never assume that readers know the basics. To meet this need, I decided to create some very simple videos to explain basic issues for college. I am hoping that these will help students with their first efforts for college. Only some of the videos I created will be posted here, and you can visit the YouTube channel for my College Strategy Blog for more. Please note that if the play quality is poor use the link in the player to watch it at Youtube.

Identifying Problems


Identifying Problems Affecting Student Grades

Discusses why problems can emerge during college even if the student did well during high school. Covers many kinds of problems, why they can happen, as well as why small problems in high school can turn in to big ones during college. Also refers to a self-help tool that students and parents can use to identify issues so intervention can be fast and effective.

 College Fundamentals


Being Ready For College

Discusses why traditional predictors of college readiness, such as SAT scores and grades, may not be accurate to gauge true preparedness. Covers the realities of being ready for college based on working with real-life college students, such as being able to deal with different writing formats, working independently, learning from texts, college expectations, and much more.


Understanding The U.S. College System

Gives an overview of the U.S. college system so students can make good choices when planning, searching, and applying. Covers community colleges, four-year colleges, and specific kinds of degrees offered in each system.


Applying To Colleges

Talks about two common kinds of college applications, terminology like “rolling admissions,” as well as essays and personal statements. It also discusses common requirements for applying so students can gather them when they are ready to complete the application.